Bridport Commits £100,000 to Climate Emergency Action

20 November 2019

Bridport Town Council has committed to spending up to £100,000 on measures to prevent climate breakdown after its climate emergency action plan was voted through at Tuesday evening’s full council meeting.

Measures include:

  • continuing to support the community bus to improve public transport in the town 
  • maintaining walking and cycling routes in the town
  • money for a bike-hire scheme and for electric car charging points.
  • money for carbon saving techniques and solar pv installations for the town council offices at Mountfield
  • money for replacing the gas-fired boiler at Mountfield with a biomass system
  • money for improving the energy performance of homes in Bridport through education and training.

Kelvin Clayton and Julian JonesKelvin Clayton (pictured right together with fellow town councillor Julian Jones) originally proposed the Climate Emergency Declaration at the town council and said, "Six months ago we declared a climate emergency. I am delighted with the action plan and the money we have committed towards it. A lot of thought and hard work has gone into the plan which was produced by our excellent staff with the help of a very knowledgeable climate activist and fellow councillors."

"Possibly as important as the spending though are measures to communicate the climate crisis together with solutions to it."

The full plan can be read in this 5MB pdf file here:

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