Boot Hill: Air Pollution is a serious threat to our public health

3 November 2015

Fed up: Residents tell Clare Sutton they feel ignored

Fed up: Residents tell Clare Sutton that they feel ignored

Poor air quality and traffic congestion continue to cause misery for residents on Boot Hill (lower Rodwell Road). Over the summer many people in the area have shared their concerns with us, which include:

  • Pollution affecting people’s health
  • Fear to open windows or spend time in the garden
  • Excessive dirt on windows and front doors 
  • Blocked drains and pipes from built up dirt
  • Intolerable noise from traffic day and night

"Air pollution is second only to active smoking as a public health threat” warns Frank Kelly, Professor of Environmental Health, King’s College. Boot Hill residents are absolutely right to be concerned.

The latest proposal to control traffic at harbour junction will not address concerns residents have raised. We are determined to make these issues a higher priority for the Council and help bring the improvements we know residents deserve. We have:

  • Requested air quality data from DCC
  • Spoken to First Bus about reducing emissions on the No.1 route
  • Arranged a public meeting to which relevant Council Officers are invited to come along and listen to residents (see details, right)


With thanks from Weymouth and Portland Borough Council

PRESENTATION: How Polluted is Boot Hill - Review of air quality data 

Monitoring Locations (PDF)


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