Bridport By-election results

Bridport By-elections Results

Here are the results from the two by-elections on Thursday February 22nd...
Bridport (Dorset County Council) %  
Labour     691 16.5%  
Green (Kelvin)   388 9.3%  
Lib Dem     1451 34.6%  
Conservative   1660 39.6%  
    total 4190 100.0%  
Electorate: 14538 Ballot Papers Issued: 4202 Turnout: 28.90%
Bridport North (District Council)   %  
Conservative   600 36.0%  
Labour     383 23.0%  
Green (Julian)   184 11.0%  
Lib Dem     500 30.0%  
      1667 100.0%  
Electorate: 6152 Ballot Papers Issued: 1671 Turnout: 27.16%
Many thanks if you voted for Julian or Kelvin. We didn't win this time but a vote for the Green Party is never a wasted vote because it sends a signal to power. The reason the Conservative candidates even mention bus services is because there are parties like ours campaigning to stop cutting services and make them accessible (ie cheaper) so we can all use them. 
A vote for us will also in the long run help to bring Labour to their senses and abandon their support for the unfair First Past the Post electoral system. We need a fair voting system such as PR, and the only way to get it is to vote for paties which support it!
So please continue to vote Green!

Kelvin and Julian Julian Jones and Kelvin Clayton