Clare Sutton, Dorset’s Green Party County Councillor


April 11th 2016

Residents Parking Zones

We are asked from time to time about how Residents' Parking Zones work in Dorset, and what are the procedures for putting one in place.

Click here for some basic information on parking zones.

April 4th.

Boost for Castle Cove access campaign

- a public vote boosts the fundraising appeal. Click here for coverage in the Dorset Echo.


About Clare

Clare Sutton

In November 2015 the Green Party achieved a notable breakthrough in Dorset when Clare Sutton was elected at a by-election as the first Green Party Councillor on Dorset County Council.

Clare has deep roots in Weymouth, and in particular in the Rodwell Division of Weymouth that she now represents.  She grew up in Weymouth and lived in particular in the Chapelhay area in the 1980s.  She returned to Weymouth in 2005, now lives in Rodwell, and her two children go to local schools.

Clare has always been involved in getting things done in her local community.  She set up Chapelhay Community Play Garden with local residents in 2005, and has been continuously involved since the start, now as Chair.  She has been a governor at Holy Trinity School, and a committee member at the STEPS Youth Club.

Clare was Labour Party County Councillor for Rodwell from 2005-2009.  In 2007 she brought together the representatives of libraries in the county that were threatened with closure in a campaign that eventually saved all the libraries.  She persuaded her fellow councillors to find the money needed to complete the bridge taking the Rodwell trail over Newstead Road. 

Clare left the Labour Party and didn’t stand for the County Council again in 2009.  She felt that all the main parties were letting people down.  She joined the Green Party because it better stood for the things she believes in.  She says, “we have to make our communities, economy and environment work with rather than against each other and help local people shape the places where they live.”


Clare on the Rodwell Trail

In 2013 Clare returned to politics and stood as Green Party candidate in the County Council elections in Rodwell, and took nearly a quarter of the vote.  Since then she has campaigned tirelessly on a number of local issues, including restoring access to the much loved local beach at Castle Cove, the unacceptable levels of pollution experienced by the residents of Boot Hill, and most recently opposing the Council’s plans to close its Youth Centres and concerns about parking in the Chapelhay area.

Clare believes that the best councillors don’t play party politics but concentrate on improving local services and running them cost effectively.  She believes in standing up for local residents, but also in developing good relationships with officers and other councillors while maintaining a position of clear political principle. 

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