Bridport By-elections Thursday February 22nd

Your Green Party candidates:
Julian Jones is standing for Bridport North ward for West Dorset District Council
Kelvin Clayton is standing for Bridport division for Dorset County Council


Kelvin and Julian

As Bridport Town councillors, Kelvin and Julian have a track record of getting things done in their community

★ Kelvin has worked with others to form a trust that has saved Bridport’s Youth & Community Centre from closure 
★ Kelvin volunteeers at Bridport Job Club 
★ He is working with local artists for public art in Bridport 
★ Julian gained Council support for making Bridport a ‘Living Wage Town’ 
★ Julian succeeded in banning the mass release of sky lanterns and balloons 
★ Both have always worked to deliver services to people based on  need, not ability to pay

Imagine Bridport as a town… 

★ that people call home…because they have a home they can afford 
★ where young people want to live and work because of lots of green, rewarding and innovative jobs 
★ where everyone has a fair say in what happens 

Imagine Dorset as a county… 

★ where decisions are not made just on short-term economic grounds, but ALWAYS take the long-term 
effects on our well being and the environment into account 
★ that champions resilient local economies, where local entrepreneurs work to meet the needs of local 
★ that is as waste free and plastic free as possible, where the stuff we no longer want is re-used, repaired or re-cycled 

Imagine local politics done differently, where ALL citizens are heard, and where politicians work together to bring about changes that local people want. 

Julian and Kelvin have that vision, and as very active Bridport Town Councillors they have already started to make the vision a reality. 
After 17 years as a Fire Fighter Kelvin went to university and trained to become a Careers Adviser.
Kelvin campaigning for a public NHS
He has over 15 years experience of working with young people. He also runs the Bridport Philosophy in Pubs Group! His regular blog is at www., follow him on Twitter @kelvinclaytongp
Julian worked in central and local government, gaining particular experience in transport strategy and sustainable transport. He works as a regular volunteer with Dorset Wildlife Trust and as a Sustrans ranger. For the last six years he has been treasurer of Bridport Cohousing. 
Kelvin is available every Wednesday to listen to your concerns. Meet him in the BearKat café (Lyric Theatre, Barrack Street) between 10:00am and 11:00am; share a coffee; share your vision for Bridport and Dorset. 

Kelvin’s and Julian’s top-five priorities 

• Effects on environment to be central to all decision making
• Opportunities for young people
• Building council housing which local people can actually afford
• support small and organic farmers and improve farm animal welfare
• DCC commitment to an integrated public transport system
Kelvin with Molly Scott Cato MEP 
Kelvin with Molly Scott Cato MEP


Bridport Greens

Bridport Green Group meet around once a month. Please contact us for details of our next meeting. Our aim is to support the work of our town councillors, Kelvin Clayton and Julian Jones, to campaign on local issues and get more elected representatives. If you would like to get involved please email  

Issues we have campaigned on are: keeping the Youth Centre open, encouraging local employers to pay a living wage, and improving the town centre by pedestrianising the top part of South Street (though not everyone agreed with us about this!).

Bridport Town Council

We are proud to have two Green Party town councillors, Kelvin Clayton and Julian Jones.

Elected in May 2015, they have already made an impact: the council is now committed to helping Bridport become the first Living Wage Town. And they also succeeded in passing a motion calling on the UK government to retain the Human Rights Act.

Committe representation is as follows:

Environment and Social Well Being: Kelvin and Julian

Finance and General Purposes Committee: Kelvin

Planning: Julian

Sub Committees: Best Value and Scrutiny: Kelvin

Highways Working Group: Julian

Councillor Surgeries 

Every Wednesday, Kelvin Clayton or Julian Jones will be sitting in the BearKat café (in the Lyric Theatre, Barrack Street) between 10 and 11 am, and invite anyone to call in and discuss any issue or problem that is on their mind.

Julian Jones and Kelvin Clayton

Bridport's Green Party town councillors, Julian Jones (left) and Kelvin Clayton (right).

Kelvin Clayton said: “First of all I must thank Don Brown, who runs the café, for allowing us this space. Julian and I feel that it is important for us to be available to listen to the concerns of local residents, and hopefully this will prove to be a relaxed and inviting environment in which to do so.”

Dorset County Council Elections 2017 Results

We had some promising results, particularly in Bridport, which will stand us in good stead for future elections.

Our Bridport candidates for the County Council elections: Kelvin Clayton (left, in the photo below) and Rob Casey (on the right of the photo).


Kelvin Clayton and Rob Casey

A big THANKS! to everyone who helped on the campaigns and all the candidates who stood.

You can find all the county council election results on the whizzy Dorsetforyou website here


Newsletter 5 - October 2017

Here is a pdf version of our fifth Bridport Green Group newsletter. Right click on the image below and choose "Save Link As" (or similar) to download.


In the newsletter we promised more info on reducing plastic waste so ...

You can get a free refill when you are out and about thanks to the “Refill” campaign (run locally by “Litter Free Coast and Sea”) which promotes businesses who will happily refill your water bottle.

Locally, the following cafes and pubs have signed up:

-        in East Street, Bridport, No 10 and Aroma cafes,

-        and in Barrack Street, the Bearkat Bistro and the Green Yard Café

-        in Burton Bradstock, The Three Horseshoes pub,

And of course many more places would oblige if asked!

More ideas:

- Never flush plastic down the loo!Only the 3 P’s go down the loo

- Many businesses could do more to consider how to reduce plastic packaging and as customers we can choose to for example buy our veg without plastic packaging - it’s easy in the green grocer! There are alternatives to straws, condiment sachets and polystyrene chip boxes.

- Sign the petition to bring back bottle deposits

Newsletter 4 - February 2017

Here is a pdf version of our fourth Bridport Green Group newsletter. Right click on the image below and choose "Save Link As" (or similar) to download.


Newsletter 3 - Summer 2016

Here is a pdf version (2.3 MB) of our third Bridport Green Group newsletter. Right click on the image below and choose "Save Link As" (or similar) to download.


Newsletter 2 - February 2016

Here is a pdf version (1.9 MB) of our second Bridport Green Group newsletter. Right click on the image below and choose "Save Link As" (or similar) to download.


Newsletter 1 - October 2015

Here is a pdf version of our first Bridport Green Group newsletter. Right click on the image below and choose "Save Link As" (or similar) to download.


Election Leaflets

 General Election 2017


 County Council Elections 2017