First Ever Green Borough Councillor in Dorset

19 May 2015

The Green Party has made political history in Dorset after winning its first ever seat on Bournemouth council, and the first Borough Councillor in Dorset.

2015 General and Local Election Results

12 May 2015

We have quadrupled our local vote share, in line with our surging local and national membership with over 3000 joining since the election - a great achievement given the fits-past-the-post voting system and tactical voting.

Green Party Plant Sale welcomes the green-fingered!

15 April 2015

Green Party Plant Sale welcomes the green-fingered! Annual plant sale at Weymouth's Old Town Hall this Saturday from 2-4pm.

Rail Action: in support of Caroline Lucas' nationalisation bill

27 February 2015

Rail Action campaigners went out in force to support Caroline Lucas’s bill to bring rail network back into public ownership on Friday

Molly Scott Cato MEP and Green Party visit Slyer's Lane

19 February 2015

Molly Scott Cato MEP, Peter Barton, party members and local residents visit Higher Burton Farm, Slyer's Lane: the site of Broadview Energy's proposed development of six wind turbines.

Comment: My first bit of political activity ever

14 February 2015

Paul Fitzpatrick, a recent new member, tells us of his experiences as a new activist.

Voting intention results after hustings

Green success at Budmouth Hustings for Jane Burnet

10 February 2015

A massive success at Budmouth College for Jane Burnet's first public hustings saw Green voting intentions rise to 54%.

Rail Action: The Arguments for Public Ownership of Railways are Overwhelming

09 January 2015

Action for Rail is calling for a national, integrated railway under public ownership.

Green Surge: Membership up by 120% in 2014, polling hits double figures

05 January 2015

This massive growth in membership has rocketed since we first reported the Green Surge in October when it passed 20 000. This is again mirrored by our by rising standing in opinion polls.

Comment: Why I vote Green

19 December 2014

We need a party with the determination to defend the public good.

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